Monday, March 29, 2010

Splitting Harddrive Space

The main scenario that led me to share this thought with you is the single partition with the complete disk space of 500 gigs that was supplied with my new Laptop. I took some time in figuring out the steps to the solution. Well it goes this way.,
  1. Right click on the My Computer icon, click on Mange.
  2. Select Storage –> Disk Management from the left pane of the Computer Management window.image
  3. Right click on the required drive (only C:\ will be available by default) and select shrink volume.image
  4. Enter the amount of bytes to shrink and click on ok. After the process is complete, the free space will be shown in the Computer Management windowimage
  5. Right click on the Free Space and select New Simple Volume to create a new partition.

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