Wednesday, March 24, 2010

web 2.0: Advantages

I wish to share with you my understanding on the advantages of the web 2.0 standards. Listing a few of them below .,

Search Engine Optimization

The page is much meaningful with a lot of programming content than the style since the styling features are separated from the presentation file. This gives other programs on the web to easily interact with the page content and keep a record. One such program that most widely accesses the website is the Search Engine.

Thus a cleaner page => Faster and better access.

Page Weight

The main code content is relatively much lighter to load. The reason being, the CSS is cached by the browser and only the HTML content has to be loaded each time a request is sent.

Thus extensive use of the CSS brings down the programmed page size.

Ease to maintain

The code will be well structured and thus easy to maintain.


Since the HTML is meaningful, by separating the CSS from the presentation code, the site will be more accessible.

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