Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Appointment with the Lord of Seven Hills

24 Sep, 2010: Preethi akka dropped me in her santro at Marathalli. It was raining heavily and I had to do a small jog in the rain to catch the 335E to reach Domlur. From there it was a one man rain marathon to home. Then picked my bag and continued to Majestic to catch the bus to Bangalore.

25 Sep, 2010, Stepped down the bus at Tirupathi bus stand and got the tickets to Tirumala and started the pilgrimage up hill and checked into the room at Vallabacharya Math. It was a time for some Ginger tea and then rest for a couple of hours since We (Me, Ram and JP) had to wait for a couple of friends from Hyderabad (Ravi and Vinay). The felloz finally arrived at 10:00 hours.
We then headed for the place to shave our heads and had a dip at the pushkarini. The water at the pushkarini was crystal clear and very well maintained. After that we headed for the sheegra dharshan queue At 13:00 hours. Lord Venkateshwara gave us the darshan at around 17:30 hours. We were given Sakarai Pongal as prasadam inside the temple and after that we headed to the counter to collect the ladoos, check out the room and headed back to Tirupathi. The Deccan Chargers had to head back to Hyderabad and the other two Royal Challengers members were too hungry and tired, so leaving them at the Hotel Woodlands, I went to Alamelumangapuram to get the dharshan of Godess Padmavathi at 21:00 Hours. It was the temple closing time but I was happy get the dharshan of Raja Gopuram and headed back to the bus stand and headed back to Bangalore.

Here goes my new avatar…


  1. W0W! what a man! enda padam photo pathutu endhiran part 2 ku ungala dan kootangaooooooo

  2. Looks Creepy .. But Cool .. its the way devils look.. i like it .. coz i look like that aswell

  3. @Rajesh, Thanks for the comment mate..

  4. @Pradeep, Enna vechu comedy kemady pannalayae...???

  5. dear naveen i have already posted mr sivasangus number below my comment..

  6. Lord Venkateshwara has given us up at 17:30 am Mt. We, as prasadam Sakarai Pongal temple and our leadership to counter the ladoos collected after check-out room, a return to Tirupathi.

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