Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Baby Bath Checklist

One of the most challenging yet fun filled tasks on earth is to give a bath to a baby. The challenge becomes tougher when Dad takes over for the job.

As though the challenge is not enough there would be a few commanders to actually battle during the process. Even though the actual process time would be about 5 minutes, the commanders see to it that it becomes 50.

Now the the actual part of the theme. When taking the baby for a bath, have the following things already at your command (very far off from the commanders). In other words, you are the commander here.

Warm water
Shower Cap (2 nos, one for the baby and one for you...)
Baby Shampoo
Baby Soap
Baby Bathing Powder (Now this is a truly Indian stuff)
Baby Bathing Seat
Your Seat

Take care not to allow any commanders near this command center which you and only you will be in-charge.

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