Friday, July 17, 2015

Baahubali: The Beginning..!! (Version 1.0)

Amidst the mad rush, the poster stories, the word of the mouth publicity, the social media posts and even social media character games, the Movie stands out.

"Wow what a statement, as though we did not know that, be specific Mister or shut up", this was a reaction.

So here goes, the story is like a fictional novel when viewed from an artistic point of view, especially readers will be able to associate it to the Shiva Trilogy series. The detail in which everything from the palace, costume, language, dialogues, stunts ... are described is laudable. The intensity in Tamanna's eyes when fighting as a rebel stands out that other scenes.

Dialogue delivery and the expressions by Ramya Krishnan stands out and I presume if I do not possess enough caliber to write a detailed review on the same. Atleast she has left the dancing department in this movie.

Nasar's acting on the other hand could have been much better. Could be a little more expressive and deep in the character like how he was in Pulikesi.

Prabas, “The Hero” where his packs definitely show out the hard work put in. The area of improvement would dance department.

Rana, the HULK. Has stood out as THE VILLAN, I am not sure why his son is shown here. He reminded me of Rick Flair, who had come with HHH (of WWE).

Sudeep as the Persian merchant as usual stood out in his department but is that intro necessary here? could we expect to see more of him the movie's sequal? Got to wait and watch.

It would be the greatest sin if "THE Sathyaraj" is not mentioned here. The veteran actor has stood out in all the scenes where he appears. The one scene where he jumps out of a window when the queen calls to finish the rebels and the one where he skids on his knees on knowing seeing Prabas's face is a class apart.

They say there is an item song which is un-necessary. First of all, I would say the items (what every you may take them to be) in the song are nowhere comparable to an ITEM song, note meeting any ITEM standards and making it a little ignorable. So please do not go to the movie expecting something out of the item song.

Folks, the special effects can be noticed to have been very nicely done especially the water falls, war field, zero gravity jumps, Travelling Arrows, the animated weapon, Snake N Arrow, Fish Pedicure, ...

The movie had done exceptionally well in all the departments. A few extra super human stunts could have been cut, yet when viewed as reading a book and in an artistic angle the movie is a really "The Beginning" as the benchmark set to all the departments.

Wait for the sequel movie starts…

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