Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Legend Never Dies

The Statesman is no more,
But the Legend is still here,
An Era has come to an end,
But the aura spread has gone beyond.

The journey well traveled,
A trail left behind, very well leveled,
The duty done so well,
For there will be no sequel.

Generations on the yester years,
Moved to the ledge with tears,
We thy see your vision,
We are now on the work mission.

Time for us to wipe the tear,
Time to leave the fear,
Time to prove the Legend right,
Time to take up the development fight.

Rest not till the dream is built,
Rest not till the barriers are made to silt,
Rest not till the till the impact is felt,
Rest not till the goal is reached.

Oh, visionary, Statesman, Scientist, People's President, Rest in Peace,
We, the fellow Indians take an oath to propel the country forward..

Jai Hind..!!

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