Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Cycling Time (From Birth - Till Date)

Not really sure if I can clock the time right but it would be a lot of time spent on my favorite machine "The Cycle". Right from the tri cycle, to the BMX series and the ranger model the time spent with the little feet on the pedal was just fun.

The Tri Cycle was great fun when riding indoors, the fun was greater when the outgrown kid rides the cycle. The seat will not fit, the knee would bend but imperfect to reach the pedal, the handlebar too small to hold one positive thing here would be the missing brakes.

Next comes the talent of riding the cycle in very small gaps, getting the hero feeling when the elders of the house tell us to be careful. The feeling today brings back very beautiful nostalgia.
The BMX was the next version, the best memory goes back here with uncles and cousins training me up. This was the cycle which introduced me to my extended family and made me understand what cousins really are.

Post mastering the balancing act, the next step was to take a glance of the overtaking vehicle on the side, those thrilling moments to take the eyes off road and land up in a ditch, thankfully it was  dry one. On mastering the ride, the next big what was the one wheeled ride (wheeling), hands free ride, bund jumps and the small races.

Outgrowing the BMX and getting bored with the same machine to ride daily and ofcourse changing with the trend was the ranger cycle as it was popularly called amongst us. Every kid in the locality was moving towards a ranger cycle and soon it was my time. Though it was difficult to part with the BMX, had to keep up with the trend.

This was the cycle of pure fun and long distance rides. The mountain foothills, the street shortcuts, the first dog chase, the transformation from adolescence to teenage, the ranger was truly “THE” Best Friend. The very same cycle that I still own and refuse to give up till date for the past 15 years.. The very same cycle which has been the best gadget of my life till date and will continue to be…

My cycling Nostalgia, to be continued..

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