Sunday, March 14, 2010

DELL Studio 14: My Review

My first impression: Looks Good.

The backlit keyboard is one of the main features I admire the most in a DELL Laptop PC.

Ease of use of the Keypad, Removal of the touch panel for the multimedia controls and including the functionalities into the Function keys is also a welcome note to me.

On the first boot, I found that the complete 500 GB of disk space is created into a single partition.

The Windows 7 is just an advancement of the Vista. Nothing much of difference I could make about for a daily use.

There is a office trial versio pre-installed.

Yes, I had a little confusion in mind if the configuration would be correct? Yes, DELL has kept up my expectations.

Another doubt I hd was if there is a provision to lock the Lap? Yes, there is a provision for it.

Verdict: Good machine for the money paid.

Improvements: Disk Partitioning option

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