Friday, October 11, 2013

Mobile Developer Summit #mods Day - 2

Crazy and Focused

Takeaway: Human Interface Guideline

Tagline: Focus your audience.

Really focused... :)

Samsung - Keynote

Mostly on Health Care and Health Care apps. A lot of them in market place (Samsung, I presume)

Tag Line: Maintain Health rather than Health Care... :)

NFC beyond Payments: the New Faces of Mobile Computing

I'm not geeky enough to understand the concept of NFC. 

Eagerly waiting for the nest talk by Scott Davis on HTML5 + iOS7

A  few technical take away;

iframe seamless
.vtt format for captioning a video track
Camera option (API)
input type ="file" accept="image"
posititon: -webkit-sticky

speech library

Blocks for the Reluctant Developer

An insight on blocks in objective - C. Easy to understand.

Lunch with Gulab Jamoon... :)

Building Fast & Fluid Next Gen Mobile Websites

A small insight to single page application architecture.

A few issues;
  • Page Loading
  • Device Specific Issues
  • Navigation Static and History URL
  • Refresh
  • Memory Issue

Responsive Design

Modular Layout + CSS Media Query = Responsive Web Design
IE8 - Media Query, media-query.js or respond.js

New take away require.js, history.js

  • Minification and Gzip
  • AppCache
  • Minimize DOM manipulation
  • Conditional JS loading
  • CSS Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Reduce HTTP calls and HTTP payload
Unit Testing Frameworks: Jasmine, Karma

Editor for HTML5 web-apps: RubyMind

A Journey towards successful HTML5 Mobile Apps 

A very detailed insight on the HTML5 app development strategy and approach and the journey to take.


With still a couple of more sessions to go but till now there are No regrets for attending #mods, it is time well spent.

All the sessions till now were informative with a little intuitive information.

A Few Tweets Today
Intel XDK + Intel WiDi = Magic, thank you wish to develop an app ASAP..
From the front row in Hall1 just turned around to see a packed hall at for presentation on +
day 2 counting on the ticker 90 minutes to start...
A small writeup and a feedback on my blog about day-1 do read through and respond

prize winning tweets at can be projected.. Just a Tweety Feedback to

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