Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mobile Developer Summmit - Day#1

At the Mobile Developer Summit #mods;

1. Spark instilled on the apps possibilities
2. Ford Developer Program
3. New plans / Phases and ideas in the Automotive sector
4. Intel WiDi
5. Intel SDX
6. Intel HTML5 Development Tools

All this six packed pointers packed up in just 2 hours. A deep dive yet to come.

Visited the Ford and the Intel stalls to know about their developer events and the SDKs they provide which is a completely new insight. Another spark instilled to think is a different view for mobile solution / product to be integrated into a automobile. No ideas yet..!!

The Other Side to Usability

Any application UI should be Engaging, Well Styled, Effective, Easy to Learn
For the home page which takes time to load, we can use any of the following approach
    Progressive Loading
    Splash Screen
    Gamification screen
    Lazy Load
The best practice to develop a mobile app is (my opinion is for any web application);
    1. Ease the load on the UI thread.
    2. Use the Worker Thread / Process to do most of the processing.
    3. Cache the objects (Example: Images, JavaScript, StyleSheets). In HTML5 use the META file.
    4. Not over using OverDraw
    5. Themes; Inbuilt Themes - Build on them.
    6. Use a TimeStamp to clear the client cache.

Mobile OSes

This was a very interesting session on the different mobile OSes that are already in market or going to be in the market;

A few note points are;

  • Software vs Hardware
  • Market Share vs Profitability
  • Free SDK to Store pattern (Google)
  • Hardware to sell products (Amazon)
  • Selling the Software (Microsoft)
  • Google + Amazon => ?
  • Tizen Phones?
  • Fragmentation charts are a good input.
  • Multiple OSes on the same hardware an year away.
  • Firefox OS for phones. Should the HTML5 standard be emphasized???
  • Ubuntu Touch
  • Web OS
  • Apple OS

There were No canned solutions here only pointers to think.

Lunch arrangements were good with separate Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian counters with a sweet and ice-cream.

Firefox OS & the Power of HTML 5

The n/w was not good here. But the presentation by Soumya Deb was good giving an insight on the Firefox OS and how and what HTML5.

It was a honor attending this session sitting beside Scott Davis.

Tea Break, a confluence where there is a Tech Buzz of Mobi Geek terminologies lingering the air.

Develop, Optimize, Debug and Tune your Android Apps

Currently in this session by the person from the Intel team. Gave a good insight on the Intel Graphics hardware-software combination and the intel on power systems directly proportional to the performance.

Feedback for the MODS Organizers

  1. The Lunch can be boxed up and provided to manage the crowd better. 
  2. A mobile app with a scheduler and remainder for the event would be great. BarCamp Bangalore Organizing Team can be the right point of contact for the consulting. They having run the app successfully for over 2 camps now. 
Anticipating and Action Packed Day #2 tomorrow...

Signing off,

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