Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby Bathtime

Baby bath-time with father is always joyous if the baby is playfully entertained. We require a diversified vision with a multi-core processor capable of running parallel threads to get the task accomplished.

Now the entertainment factor comes into picture over and above the ability to process the orders from the commanders. Here all that is required for the father is Inner Peace. Simply attain Nirvana by simply being mute to commanders. 

Now some best practices here are;

1. Cut your nails: Baby skin is soft and tender and could easily get scratched. Have your nails cut and the edges shaped. 

Tip :P It's totally up to you if you have to get a manicure done. BTW, I don't.

2. Stock Backup toys: babies get pretty adamant during bath-time. Keep enough toys as backup (hidden from the baby) to distract them when they cry for the bat of soap. In my case, the baby always wants the bottle of shampoo to be emptied into the bathtub.

3. Rubber Floor Mat: Using one will prevent slipping and tripping. In case the baby is old enough to stand on it's feet, it would be helpful.

4. Water Temperature: Checking the water temperature is a vital factor. The ideal temperature for a bath for a baby is anywhere between 36°C to 38°C

Tip: Water any cooler than 36°C is not good for bath.

Remember to practice Feather Touch approach when giving the baby a bath, remember that it's a baby and not a toy.

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